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Learning through play at Funimfundo Pre-school

During the past week the Grade R learners at Funimfundo Pre-school at Die Kop just outside of Stanford were guided by teacher Nandipha and Occupational Therapist, Regina, through some body awareness activities.

The group did body tracing, identifying and painting the different body parts in colours of their choice. We talked about emotions and the children had to find and match puzzle pieces that completed a face and then describe the emotions expressed by the face.

We also offered some play-dough activities to enhance visual motor integration. The children used their hands to complete a picture with play dough pieces and had great fun in the process.

The Occupational Therapy focus at Funimfundo Pre-school is to prepare all the Grade R learners adequately for their school entry and also to support teacher Nandipha and the parents towards enabling the children to participate fully in the most important occupation of a child – Play.

Making learning fun and including every child with her or his uniqueness in the learning process at the just right level is important in all our programs. Thank you to Funimfundo for providing a beautiful place of play and learning.

“Do not keep children to their studies by compulsion but by play.” -Plato

by Regina Broenner