BLOG: A conversation between AfricanBats NPC and David Krut.

If you have ever spent some time browsing our shelves, then you’d know that the Blue House Bookstore is full of surprises! One Saturday afternoon a couple came into the store and we got to chatting, only to discover that we were being visited by two exceptional conservationists who have founded the organisation, AfricanBats NPC. Stunned with admiration for the work they were doing, we invited them to come back to join us on a podcast about the organisation and their mission.  

Our mission is to protect and conserve bat populations across Africa through monitoring, education, and management strategies. We believe that by promoting the importance of bats and their role in the environment, we can create a sustainable future for these vital species and work towards living in harmony. 

African Bats NPC: https://www.africanbats-npc.org/

I imagine you to be wondering what could link an alternative arts bookstore to the world of bat conservation. The view of David Krut Projects in general is that art is not only a cultural, creative practice but also a knowledge system that disseminates information through one of our fundamental processing senses, namely sight. We believe in the importance of recognising the necessity of creativity across all professional fields, more so, how impactful cross-pollination of creativity between different professions can be.  

Ernest Charles James Seamark graciously gave us his time to teach us about all things bats. We learnt that his work with bats is in some way his gateway into understanding the intricacies of broader natural systems and that amongst many other contributions, bats play a vital role in maintaining a balanced ecosystem. Bats ensure the pollination of plants, seed dispersal and pest control. The impact bats have on our natural world is so often overlooked as they are misunderstood as nothing but spooky creatures of the night.  

If you are interested in learning more about what Van Gogh famously titled the Flying Foxes or are perhaps already batty about bats, please head over to our podcast platform where Ernest Seamar from AfricanBats NPC is in conversation with David Krut.  

AfricanBats NPC is currently running multiple conservation programmes that are open to volunteers – offering a great way to get involved in this incredible organisation.