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  • Terra – Jeannette Unite


    It is hard to imagine anything less obviously poetic than the machineries of mining or the scarred landscapes left over when mineral wealth has been extracted from the earth.

  • Chakaia Booker – “Print Me”


    David Krut Projects is pleased to present Print Me, the first exhibition dedicated to Chakaia Booker’s prints. Booker began collaborating with Master Printer, Phil Sanders, of Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop in 2009, and has created over 100 unique prints to date.

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    William Kentridge: Nose


    David Krut Publishing is delighted to announce the publication of William Kentridge Nose. This book accompanies the launch of a suite of thirty new limited-edition prints by Kentridge called ‘Nose’, the culmination of a four-year collaboration between the artist and David Krut Print Workshop.

  • William Kentridge: Prints


    William Kentridge is well known for his films, drawings, and theatre productions, but he began his artistic career learning etching at the Johannesburg Art Foundation under Bill Ainslie. He spent two years teaching printmaking at the Foundation and his earliest exhibitions featured his monotypes and etchings such as the Domestic Scenes series.


  • Kiki Smith: Prints, Books And Things


    Well-known as a sculptor, Kiki Smith has also worked extensively as a printmaker – in fact her printed works and other editioned art, including books and multiples, are arguably as important as her sculpture.

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    Tilson: The Printed Works 1963-2009


    Originally associated with pop art, in the past 50 years, Joe Tilson (b. 1928) has achieved international acclaim for the individuality and originality of his paintings, constructions, painted reliefs, prints, and multiples. As an artist who refused the traditional boundaries of printmaking, his multiples often include found objects or newspaper cuttings, fusing a cubist approach…

  • Rembrandt’s Journey – Painter, Draftsman, Etcher


    The first comprehensive survey of Rembrandt in years concentrates on his talent for visual storytelling, via paintings, prints, and drawings. Rembrandt changed the course of art history not only as a painter but also as a draftsman and printmaker. His output of some 300 etchings and drypoints represents a lifelong commitment to printmaking unequaled by…

  • Magical Secrets about Chine Colle: Pasting, Printing, Mounting and Leafing Step-by-Step


    This book is an expanded and revised version of the popular (and now out-of-print) Chine Colle: A Printer’s Handbook, by Brian Shure, published by Crown Point in 2000. The new book gives step-by-step instructions for printing and pasting to a support sheet, and adapts chine colle techniques for working with collage and mounting paper, fabric,…

  • Magical Secrets about Aquatint: Spit Bite, Sugar Lift and Other Etched Tones Step-by-Step


    Magical Secrets are quickly grasped. They open doors to fresh ways of seeing and understanding. Artists use aquatint, a form of etching, to create delicate washes, velvety blacks, and intricate layers of colour impossible in other art media. In this book, the third in the Magical Secrets series about etchings, Emily York discusses 46 aquatints…

  • Magical Secrets about Line Etching & Engraving: The Step-by-Step Art of Incised Lines

    Author Catherine Brooks is a master printer at Crown Point Press, printers and publishers of etchings since 1962, and she draws on the venerable history of that institution to create an inspirational and highly usable how-to book. Crown Point Press founder, Kathan Brown, adds an appendix on hand-wiping and printing that teaches you to ink…

  • Paula Rego: Printmaker


    There are two central pillars to an understanding of Paula Rego the artist. Firstly that she is pre eminently a draughts-woman of extraordinary range, both stylistically and emotionally, and secondly that she is the quintessential storyteller. Together, these two attributes make printmaking a highly appropriate medium within which to explore her fertile and often dark…

  • Grand Scale: Monumental Prints in the Age of Dürer and Titian


    “Grand Scale” brings to light rare surviving examples of mural-size prints – a Renaissance art form nearly lost from historical record.

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    The Printmaking Bible


    The Printmaking Bible is the definitive volume on this art form, presenting the tips and tools needed to create great artwork at any level.

  • The Prints of Wilhelmina Barns-Graham – A Complete Catalogue

    The Prints of Wilhelmina Barns-Graham – A Complete Catalogue is the first book to provide a full account of the printmaking career of British artist Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, with particular reference to the technical innovations she pioneered while working in association with master-printers.

    Wilhelmina Barns-Graham experimented with a variety of printmaking techniques, finally discovering her ideal means of expressions in screenprinting. Through partnerships with innovative printmakers, the artist experimented with new techniques and materials that allowed her to create prints which, in their intensity of colour and precision of design, have the quality almost of paintings.

    Based on new research, and drawing on information contained in her numerous diaries, The Prints of Wilhelmina Barns-Graham incorporates a complete illustrated catalogue of all her known work in etching, linocut, lithography, screenprinting and monotype, from 1946 to 2007. It considers her work in relation to that of other British artists, especially those connected with the St Ives school, and examines her prints in relation to her work in other media, in particular, her paintings. This book will prove an invaluable resource for museum curators, students of British art and twentieth-century abstraction, and all those seeking to learn more about this aspect of the career of one of Britain’s most important artists of the late twentieth-century.

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    Brett Murray Crocodile Tears (Catalogue)


    A softcover catalogue for the exhibition of the artist’s work at Goodman Gallery Cape in April 2008, and Goodman Gallery Johannesburg in February 2009

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    Zander Blom: The Travels of Bad

    Zander Blom was born in Pretoria in 1982 and currently lives in Johannesburg. Working as an artist since 2002, Blom’s physical output includes painting, drawing, printmaking, installation and photography (primarily as a means to document the development of his physical works).

    Text below from:

    “The Travels of Bad” documents the travels of an idealist Machiavellian hero, guitar in hand, on a crusade to revitalise the arts of the culture capital of the world. Fuelled by equal measures of blind optimism and hedonism, the search for new ideas and exotic flavours takes our hero to a fictional paradise setting where this bizarre satirical action tragedy literally starts to unravel.

    The Travels of Bad comprises a 48-page mini-novella with 17 photographic works and a 17-track album soundtrack. The exhibition includes a selection of sculptures and merchandise.

    The works will also feature prominently at the JoBurg Art Fair from 3-5 April 2009 at the Rooke Gallery stand and the exhibition will travel to WhatIfTheWorld/Gallery in Cape Town to open on 27 May 2009 and close on 27 June 2009.