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  • Shades of Nature

    Following the ascendance of Art of Nature, Heinrich van den Berg challenges convention to resounding success in the black-and-white sequel Shades of Nature. His fearless approach inspires the reader to see the hidden depths of his images, to subjectively appreciate both the aesthetic and the emotional.

  • Shape of Light: 100 Years of Photography and Abstract Art


    The accompanying catalogue to the first major exhibition to consider the relationship between the photographic medium and the history of abstraction in the twentieth century, on display at London’s Tate Modern.The exhibition catalogue will be arranged in a broadly chronological way to tell the story of photography and its relationship with abstraction from around 1915 to the present day, and will include historic works in a variety of media from painting and sculpture to montage and kinetic installations.

  • Snapshots of Bloomsbury


      In this enthralling portrait Maggie Humm makes available for the first time a wealth of barely known photographs, both amaeur and professional, that cast new light on the private lives of Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell as well as the historical, cultural and artistic milieux of their circle in Bloomsbury and beyond. We visit…

  • So Now Then


    This book features the artists: Shelby Lee Adams, Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, Chien-Chi Chang, Julio Grinblatt, An-My Le, Susan Meiselas, Boris Mikhailov, Simon Norfolk, Trent Parke, Weng Peijun, Paul Shambroom, Massimo Vitali, and, Michael Wesely. It also contains essays by David Campany, Martha Langford, and, Jan-Erik Lundstrom.

  • Soccer Chic :Soccer Life the South African Way


    A window on the world of South African football culture. Included some great photographs, especially those of some of the originally dressed fans.

  • South African Cinema 1896-2010


      Taking an inclusive approach to South African film history, this volume represents an ambitious attempt to analyze and place in appropriate sociopolitical context the aesthetic highlights of South African cinema from 1896 to the present. Thoroughly researched and fully documented by renowned film scholar Martin Botha, the book focuses on the many highly creative…

  • Spring Will Come


    Painstakingly handwritten over a three year period, Spring Will Come is the life story of William Zulu, highly acclaimed for his evocative art-works. Having contracted spinal TB as a baby, William underwent misplaced corrective surgery to his spine which left him paralyzed and permanently wheelchair bound.

  • Tate Triennial New British Art


    The Tate Triennial is a snapshot of the state of contemporary art in Britain today. Featuring 30 artists the 2006 Triennial will explore a significant strand in contemporary art practice: the borrowing or recasting of cultural material.

  • The Art And The Passion


    The Art and the Passion offers a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse of Cape Town Opera‘s productions staged in Cape Town, Malmö and Cardiff during 2009.

  • The Art of Contemporary Puppet Theater


    In this exhibition, 13 artists filled the galleries with dramatic tableaux of puppets, props, and sets, from shadow puppets to marionettes, and from tiny toy theater to larger-than life whole-body puppets. The Art of Contemporary Puppet Theater showed how the ancient art of puppetry, devised for storytelling, can – in extraordinary new ways – also give expression to the invisible worlds of emotions and ideas.

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    The Big Screen :The Story of the Movies and What They Did to Us


    The Big Screen tells the enthralling story of the movies: their rise and spread, their remarkable influence over us, and the technology that made the screen?smaller now, but ever more ubiquitous?as important as the images it carries.

  • The Rolling Stones 50


    On Thursday 12 July 1962 the Rolling Stones went on stage at the Marquee Club in London’s Oxford Street. In the intervening fifty years the Stones have performed live in front of more people than any band ever. They’ve played the smallest blues clubs and some of the biggest stadium tours of all time. They’ve…

  • The Sea – A Celebration in Photographs


    An album of 300 classic and contemporary photographs devoted to the sea. This handsome volume highlights the ocean as a source of auspicious inspiration, of commercial potential, and as the hub of conquering expeditions.

  • The Station Point


    Taken over the past three decades throughout Europe and North America, these photographs are of age-old landscapes; historical treasures of architecture nestled in the countryside and rusting industrial sites reclaimed by nature.

  • The Theatre: A Concise History


    The essential guide the history of theatre, updated and extended to cover the key themes and shows of early twenty-first century drama

  • The Vexations of Art: Velazquez and Others


    A major art historian reflects on a great tradition of European painting.

    “The Vexations of Art is an engrossing, passionate attempt to re-engage with painting as a mode of thought at a time when ‘it is not clear in what form the resource of painting—for surely painting has been a singular resource of the greater European culture.