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  • American Fashion Cookbook:Over 100 Recipes of Favorite Designers


    Isaac Mizrahis Mushroom Truffle Spaghetti, Carolina Herreras Pommes Toupinel, Mark Eckos
    Adults Only Chocolate Chip Cookies, Derek Lams Yellowtail Crudo, John Varvatoss Calaloo
    Soup food can be fashionable too! Published with the Council of Fashion Designers of America
    (CFDA) and with a foreword by Martha Stewart, American Fashion Cookbook is a chic objet
    containing recipes and original illustrations by more than 100 American designers.

  • Azzaro


    In honor of the fashion house’s fiftieth anniversary, Loris Azzaro offers an in-depth look at the life and legacy of French fashion icon Loris Azzaro. This illustrated retrospective reveals a designer who celebrated the female form with unabashed glamour,

  • China Rediscovered: The Benaki Museum Collection of Chinese Ceramics


    This book examines the new orientation of ideas on Chinese material culture in early 20th century London under the influence of a circle of enthusiasts and scholars, preeminent among which was George Eumorfopoulos (1863-1939), a Greek origin London businessman and collector.

  • Courreges


    Andre Courreges, known as the “space age” designer, opened his fashion house in 1961 after training with Balenciaga. Producing stark, futurisitic but quintessestially swinging 60s fashions,

  • Dirty Furniture 1/6-Couch


    Dirty Furniture’ is a new independent biannual design magazine that uncovers the relationship between people and the things they live with. Conceived as a finite printed series of six and showcasing designs best writers and emerging talents,

  • Dirty Furniture : 2/6-Table


    In our second issue of Dirty Furniture we wonder why sex on tables in the movies always spells disaster, study the table’s role in power-relations and ask what the Ikea Lack thinks it is doing in contemporary art.

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    Émigrés: The Transformation of Art Publishing in Britain


    “Some of the most interesting insights are about cultural changes. . . Fascinating details. The most original parts of the book are the chapters on the unsung heroes of publishing: typographers, designers, printers and illustrators. Nyburg creates a picture of a whole visual culture. These extraordinarily cultured individuals didn’t just affect art books. They made British culture, once notoriously parochial and wordy, more cosmopolitan and more visual.” – Jewish Renaissance

  • In the Spirit of Las Vegas


    Las Vegas: A beacon for entertainers and thrill seekers around the world, it is also a story of American transformation, possibility, and renewal. This book chronicles the rise of the unique desert oasis, exploring how it became the ultimate dream destination.

  • Moods of Nature

    Moods of Nature is the black, white and orange sequel to the acclaimed art books Reflection, Shades of Nature and Art of Nature. It is daring and original. The photography is unique and powerful. The text, in caption format, is a mixture of poetry and philosophy; it complements the images in an extraordinary manner. There is a depth in the visual images that the viewer will only fully appreciate by reading the accompanying words.

  • OATH magazine Vol. 1


    OATH magazine is the brain-child of photographer, Stephanie Blomkamp. The print-based photography magazine from the Mother City is a bi-annual publication for curious people and visual gluttons.

  • Patti Smith :Simply a Concert


    Rock legend Patti Smith is famed for her powerful onstage presence, depicted by many of photography’s own legends. Robert Mapplethorpe’s portraits of the young poet/singer were instrumental in defining her groundbreaking persona in 1970s.

  • Peter Rich: Learn in Translation


    The first retrospective monograph on world-acclaimed South African architect Peter Rich. Peter Rich’s internationally distinctive body of work is a documentation of the spatial and aesthetic elements of African tribal settlements, which develop an architectural vocabulary fusing modernist principals with local tribal convention.

  • Pierre Crocquet De Rosemond: Enter Exit


    South Africa has seen dramatic recent changes in its history, so that in today’s post-apartheid society, where division is still evident but now set primarily along economic lines, it is a country with which both Third and First Worlds can identify.

  • Pinky Promise


    In Pinky Promise, the photographer Pierre Crocquet de Rosemond (born 1971) presents portraits of one of the most loaded subjects in any culture, the victims and perpetrators of sexual abuse. Without passing judgment, his pictures capture both the suffering of the victim and the loneliness of the perpetrator.

  • Ricky Lauren ,Cuisine,Lifestyle and Legend of the Double R L Ranch


    Inspired by the colors, flavors, and life at her Colorado ranch, Ricky Lauren presents an epic and unprecedented tribute to the West, as both a great destination and a state of mind.

  • Spring Will Come


    Painstakingly handwritten over a three year period, Spring Will Come is the life story of William Zulu, highly acclaimed for his evocative art-works. Having contracted spinal TB as a baby, William underwent misplaced corrective surgery to his spine which left him paralyzed and permanently wheelchair bound.