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  • Cooked in South Africa

    Cooked in South Africa is an initiative of Wish Upon a Star, a non-profit fund-raising charity, and all proceeds from the sales of this book will be donated to children living with disability.

  • David Lurie: History, Myth, Memory

    My time spent at Nirox was an invitation to reflect, enlarge and contribute to self-knowledge, to explore the region, its myths and its history, uncover the spirit of the place and even enquire into the nature and possibilities of landscape photography itself.

  • David Lurie: Morning After Dark

    “Morning After Dark” is a series of urban landscapes of the formal and informal parts of Cape Town, all of which have been photographed in early-morning light, and mostly when no-one was present.

  • David Lurie: Writing the City

    In “Writing the City”, I turn my attention to ‘surfaces’, the plethora of placards, banners, billboards, posters, words and images, which inform and direct us, regulate our movements, mould our desires, and sometimes surprise and disturb us, to further explore these issues.

  • Hoerikwaggo: Images of Table Mountain


    Exhibition catalogue of a selection of old maps, photographs, postcards and posters, etc published for the exhibition of the same title, showing Table Mountain as a cultural symbol.

  • Under Nelson Mandela Boulevard : Life among the stowaways


    Beneath the Nelson Mandela Boulevard flyover on Cape Town’s foreshore lives a community of stowaways, young Tanzanian men from the slums of Dar es Salaam.

    When journalist Sean Christie meets Adam Bashili, he comes to know the extraordinary world of Beachboys, a multi-port, fourth-generation subculture that lives to stow away and stows away to survive. But Sean starts to accompany the beachboys on trips around their everyday Cape Town, he becomes more than a casual observer, serving as sometime moneylender, driver, confidant and scribe, and eventually joining Adam on an unprecedented tour of Dar es Salaam’s underworld and a reckless run down Africa’s east coast.

    Under Nelson Mandela Boulevard remaps both city and continent, introducing us to the places and people we so frequently overlook.

  • Voices from another room


    The carefully modulated surface of Stuart Payne’s poems belies the intriguing, startling and thought-provoking depths of thought and perception. Such deliberate tensioning between the obvious and the hidden allows him to craft finely judged poems that reward rereading. Whether evoking the touch of the sun or the sound of an old tape recording, his universe is both vivid and uncertain as past, present and future are considered and reconsidered, and the distance between minds is sensed and explored.

  • Abrie Fourie – End of the World


    Cape Point, at the southern tip of South Africa, was once believed to be the place where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet. It is one of those places that remind us of our transience. End of the World is a visual echo of an exchange: at Cape Point, I sensed, in a moment of…

  • Cape Town Fringe


    Manenberg – built as a dormitory suburb for the working people of the city – is the product and symbol of dispossession and extrusion from Cape Town’s heart.

  • David Southwood: Milnerton Market


    For the last decade David Southwood has been observing, participating in and photographing the Milnerton flea market. In that time, he has seen subtle changes in one of the many “grey zones” of Cape Town, where a growing number of peripheral characters – mainly white traders and recent migrants into South Africa – seek to earn a living through trade in second-hand goods. Milnerton Market has emerged from Southwood’s intense engagement as powerful record of a single community on the fringes of a society in flux.

  • Everyone Is Present: Essays On Photography, Memory And Family


    In this book, Terry Kurgan begins with a family snapshot made by her Polish grandfather in 1939 on the eve of the war. Presenting this evocative image as a repository of multiple histories public, private, domestic, familial, and generational she sets off on a series of meditations on photography that give us startling insights into how photographs work: what they conceal, how they mislead, what provocations they contain. Each essay takes up the thread of the story of her family’s epic journey across Europe as they flee Nazi occupation, until they reach Cape Town. Kurgans essays are part memoir, part travelogue, part analysis, and they demonstrate her sophisticated understanding of a medium that has long engaged her as an artist.

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    Images of Table Mountain


    Images of Table Mountain is a visual description of the inequalities that exists between the different races that reside in Cape Town with Table Mountain as the on characteristic that they all have in common. Images of Table Mountain depicts the vast differences between Capetonians as well as their interrelations.

  • The Cape Town Month of Photography 2005