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  • And the Girls in their Sunday Dresses


    Two very different women meet during a long wait to buy subsidized rice and discover they have more in common than their poverty; an old man and child share a last, loving waltz; a cynical, disabled gangster learns humanity from a committed social worker; and a young girl finds her missing father and her role in the political struggle.

  • At this Stage


    As South Africa continues to advance towards the fulfilment of its visionary constitution, significant shifts in the mode, style, and theme of its nation’s theatre have begun to take hold. The four plays in this collection, by Lara Foot Newton, Mike van Graan, Motshabi Tyelele and Craig Higginson, offer insights into an emerging national identity.

  • Black Widow Society


    In 1994 when South Africans were finally seeing the light of freedom and independence, three well-respected businesswomen

  • Dark outsider: three plays


    Life in exile, the poet Roy Campbell, and the world of a boys’ boarding school are the three topics explored in this, the first collection of the work of one of South Africa’s leading playwrights, Anthony Akerman.

  • Fools, Bells and the Habit of Eating: Three Satires


    Cupidity, corruption and conciliation are the themes of the three plays in this collection: The Mother of all Eating, a one-hander, with its central character a corrupt Lesotho official, is a grinding satire on materialism in which the protagonist gets his come-uppance.

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    Happy Natives – C. Coetzee


    Happy Natives is very contemporary, looking at the way in which South Africans struggle to define their present identity. The play is extremely gripping, very funny and yet keeps surprising the audience with its insight into the complexities of cross-cultural relationships, ten years on from the start of the rainbow nation.

  • Home Remedies


    Violence and tragedy lurk in this seaside town, and when Joanna’s world is shaken to its core, it is up to her to find her own brand of muti.

    But how much of history is chance? And when does revenge become insanity?

  • Making War Horse DVD


    Making War Horse is the story of how Michael Morpurgo’s children’s novel became one of the most popular and acclaimed productions in the National Theatre’s history

  • Missing: A Play


    Missing is the story of Robert Khalipa , an ANC Cadre living in exile, who is very senior in the Organisation but is left out of the negotiations and almost forgotten in Sweden.

  • MY CHILDREN! MY AFRICA! and selected shorter plays


    In his introduction to this collection, Stephen Gray states that ‘there can be no artistic grounds on which to uphold a belief that “short” implies “lesser”‘; he goes on to make the point that ‘Fugard seems naturally to be most at ease when working in compact dense forms’.

  • My Children! My Africa!, and Selected Shorter Plays


    In his introduction to this collection, Stephen Gray states that ‘there can be no artistic grounds on which to uphold a belief that “short” implies “lesser”‘; he goes on to make the point that ‘Fugard seems naturally to be most at ease when working in compact dense forms’.

  • Our Lady of Benoni


    Through five colourful characters, three of them living out their very individual lives in an unnamed public park in Johannesburg, Zakes Mda explores the plight of women and children in a patriarchal and male-dominated twenty-first century world.

  • Shameless


    Thandiwe lives on her own rules.  She shamelessly sells her body on the streets of Yeovilleand vuews her job as no different from those of young black graduates who take up affirmative action posts as perpetual juniors under soul-destroying mentors.  Thandiwe’s views on the post-apartheid corporative world become public when she is approached be Kwena, a young film-maker interested in telling the stories of prostitutes.  It’s a long way from the poor, rural village where Thandiwe and her best friend Zonke grew up, facing the many challenges of a vulnerable childhood together.  While Zonke follows a more traditional path, Thandiwe fiercely hangs on to her independence, even at the risk of endangering her own life

  • The Bram Fischer Waltz – A Play


    Although widely known as the Afrikaner Communist who saved Nelson Mandela from the gallows, very little is known about Bram Fischer the man. Fischer was a respected Senior Advocate at the Johannesburg Bar who chose to side with the oppressed and went underground to join the armed struggle.

  • The Plays of Miracle and Wonder :Ipi Zombi?.Imumbo Jumbo.The Prophet


    From a truly groundbreaking voice in African theater, these three plays have disturbed and transported audiences in South Africa and abroad with their depictions of some uncomfortable episodes in South African history.

  • The Theatre: A Concise History


    The essential guide the history of theatre, updated and extended to cover the key themes and shows of early twenty-first century drama