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  • Phillip Guston: Works on Paper


    Painter Philip Guston’s return to figuration in the late 1960s was plotted and rehearsed in his drawing practice, in which he veered between what he referred to as “pure drawing” (abstract) and figurative drawing (a shoe, a chair, a nail, an open book, a hooded head).

  • Poems and Drawings (Josef Albers)


    A rare and beautiful book by a great artist, long unavailable, this new edition includes a new introduction and previously unpublished material by Albers.

  • Push, Pull, Empty, Full


    Bear, Duck and Rabbit take little artists on big adventures – outside and inside, up and down, left to right and back again! Yasmeen Ismail’s simple, amusing line art helps children identify word meanings, look at things from a variety of perspectives and get creative on every page.

  • Read This If You Want To Be Great At Drawing


    This book demystifies the art and practice of drawing. Through fifty drawings by great masters past and present, the techniques and ideas behind their master sketches will put you on the path to making your own great drawings. The entries also feature exercises with step-by-step instructions as well as simple diagrams providing further visual explanation to the jargon-free discussion. For aspiring artists of all ages and abilities, Read This if You Want to Be Great at Drawing will motivate and strengthen your drawing talent.

  • Roger Ballen – Boarding House (Hardcover)


    “Boarding House” shows an imaginary space of transient residence, of coming and goings, of people without homes, sheltering in an abode that they are using for their immediate survival. The structure is basic and fundamental and it is furnished with objects that are necessarily for an elementary existence. Remnants function here as physical symbols of events that have occurred in this space; broken pieces of a functional reality exist as the leftovers of scenarios that were played out here.

  • Sometimes I Think, Sometimes I am


    Already a sensation in the United Kingdom and winner of the prestigious 2008 Design & Art Direction award for outstanding achievement in illustration and book design, Sara Fanelli’s Sometimes I Think, Sometimes I Am is an extraordinary new creation, a book unlike any other.

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    Tate Introductions: Robert Rauschenberg

    A lively and accessible introduction to the life and work of Robert Rauschenberg (1925-2008), one of the most inventive and influential artists of the post-war period.

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    TAXI-013: Diane Victor

    The 13th book in the TAXI Art Book series of monographs, this title looks at the work of Diane Victor, with essays by Elizabeth Rankin and Karen von Veh.

  • TAXI-015 Paul Stopforth


    Paul Stopforth is known in South Africa for work that comments on the harshness and injustices of life under apartheid. His art – comprising sculpture, drawing, painting, and printmaking – is not, however, narrowly political but instead occupies a space ‘between the material and the spiritual, imaging finitude and mortality’.

  • The Abundant Herds: A celebration of the Nguni cattle

    This book is an appreciation of the creative imagination and linguistic versatility of the Zulu people. It is a book about human creativity. Not the creativity of the plastic arts, or of music, but rather that of the poet, the wordsmith. It gives an overview of the history of the Nguni cattle and their economic, social, political and spiritual importance to the Zulu people, both past and present.

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    The Beauty of the Line – The Life and Times of Dumile Feni


    There are many voices in The Beauty of the Line. One is that of the writer and editor of the book, Chabani Manganyi. In telling the remarkable story of Dumile Feni’s life, the author is joined by a distinguished cast of art historians, lifelong friends and admirers of Dumile Feni.

  • The Big Book of Shapes


    A superb activity book bursting with creative ideas.

  • The Drawings of Bronzino


    Drawings by the great Italian Mannerist painter and poet Agnolo Bronzino (1503-1572) are extremely rare. This important and beautiful publication brings together for the first time nearly all of the sixty drawings attributed to this leading draftsman of the 16th century.

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    The End of the Line: Attitudes in Drawing


    The End of the Line: Attitudes to Drawing features 11 internationally acclaimed artists, including Jan Albers, Michael Borremans, Marc Brandenburg, Fernando Bryce, Kate Davis, Monika Grzymala, David Haines, Kim Hiorthoy, Sandra Vasquez de la Horra, Garrett Phelan and Naoyuki Tsuji. As a group, their work represents a vast range of possible interpretations of drawing, from…

  • Turner’s Sketchbooks


    One of the most popular painters of all time, J. M. W. Turner (1775–1851) created a remarkable collection of sketchbooks over the course of his career. Thoughtful, revealing, and beautifully rendered, Turner’s sketchbooks offer an unparalleled window into his creative process.

  • Vitamin D2 – New Perspectives in Drawing


    An up to the minute survey of contemporary drawing featuring 115 artists from around the world, Vitamin D2 allows the reader to look at the medium in detail and study drawing’s unique properties in relation to itself, to contemporary art and to the world at large.