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  • Animated Painting – San Diego Museum of Art


    Illustrated with approximately 235 color images and packaged with a DVD of selected videos, Animated Painting brings together some of the most compelling recent contemporary art to combine traditional conceptions of painting and drawing with the techniques and time-based elements of animation.

  • Ant Farm 1968 – 1978


    This richly illustrated book, created to accompany the traveling exhibition of the same name, provides a fascinating critical overview of Ant Farm, the radical architecture collective that brought us Cadillac Ranch, Media Burn, and The Eternal Frame.

  • Audrey Ngcaba – Generations and Regenration


    Audrey Ngcaba worked as a nurse for 36 years in the public health system in South Africa. At the age of fifty-five, Ngcaba decided to take an early retirement after an ongoing frustration with her working environment. “I retired early because of insufficient human resources. There were not enough materials to work with, no gloves, no fluids for putting up drips. I tried for years and years but couldn’t work under theses conditions…When I retired I thought I’ve done my part. I’ve compromised and improvised up to a point…and then I had enough.”

  • By His Will, We Teach Birds How to Fly


    By His Will is an early, landmark series embodying a mode of work, ideas and an æsthetic that underlie El-Salahi’s larger oeuvre.

  • Chéri Samba: Musée national des Arts d’Afrique et d’Océanie 1997


    exhibition catalogue of Chéri Samba’s solo show at the Musée national des Arts d’Afrique et d’Océanie, Paris, in 1997

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    Christopher Cozier: Little Gestures


    Catalogue of Christopher Cozier’s exhibition at the Jaffe-Friede Gallery at Dartmouth College in late 2007.

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    Conrad Botes: Cain and Abel


    Conrad Botes’ exhibition, titled ‘Cain and Abel’, is a reflection on the origins of violence, a return to the very first tale of murder as related in the Bible and Qu’ran, as if to grapple with the notion of aggression itself. The story was translated into a gritty black and white comic published in Bitterkomix…

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    David Goldblatt Intersections Intersected


    Intersections Intersected for the first time presents in print carefully constructed pairings of images that were taken before and after the South African watershed.

  • Diego Rivera: Murals for The Museum of Modern Art


    In 1931, Diego Rivera was the subject of The Museum of Modern Art’s second monographic exhibition, which set new attendance records in its five-week run. The Museum brought Rivera to New York six weeks before the show’s opening and gave him on-site studio space. There he produced five “portable murals” –large blocks of frescoed plaster, slaked lime and wood that feature bold images drawn from Mexican subject matter and address themes of revolution and class inequity.

  • Elad Lassry: White Cube


    Over the past few years, through photographs, films and sculpture, as well as interventions in the gallery space, Lassry has developed a reputation for the wit and rigour of his investigations into how we perceive and conceive pictures. In Hong Kong, Lassry presented a varied body of work, including pictures, sculptures and a drawing, as well as perversely hybrid objects that radically question the distinction between these media.

  • Foam Along the Waterline: Works by Virginia MacKenny


    Foam Along the Waterline is a catalogue published to accompany Virginia MacKenny’s solo exhibition of paintings and etchings at the University of Cape Town Irma Stern Museum in September/October 2008.

  • Form Matters


    David Chipperfield, one of the most important architects at work in the world today, is known for his subtle and sophisticated buildings. This book, published to accompany the major exhibition at Londons Design Museum, spans his entire career to date, examining a range of projects through new and archive models, sketches, drawings, photographs and film.

  • Franz West


    An anarchic free spirit, self-taught until the age of thirty, Franz West (1947–2012) remained in the shadows of the Viennese art scene for nearly fifteen years before becoming known in the international art world in the 1980s.

  • Gary Hume: American Tan


    Catalog bound in stiff wraps titled GARY HUME:American Tan (Gloss, Charcoal, Bronze, Marble). Published by White Cube, London to accompany the Exhibition Gary Hume:American Tan, 5 September – 6 October 2007.

  • Gary Stephens: The Ankara Portraits


    Exhibition Catalogue accompanying the exhibition, Ankara Portraits by American artist Gary Stephens is a compilation of works over a period of four years, which portrays a theme that could be described as an open African style featuring recent paintings completed on Ankara fabrics.

  • GORDON FROUD 1992-2007/ GORDON FROUD 2007-2008


    This book consists of 2 sections. In the first part Gordon Froud looks back over two decades of art making. The second part serves as a catalogue for two exhibitions: Modular Repetition, University of Johannesburg Gallery, 2008, and Second Hand Process, Worldart Gallery, Johannesburg, 2008. Both exhibitions were submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Magister Technologiae: Fine Art in the Department of Visual Art at the University of Johannesburg.