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“I think an artist must be a master of his craft, he must know it so well, he must not have to worry about the craft side of his work, and is free t express his sensations, ideas or emotions.” – Caroline van der Merwe

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The artistic nucleus of Caroline van der Merwe is not expressed on one level only, but rather through a variety of creative forms.

From the beginning her work was full of impetus and vibrant content, like a waterfall that pours over the earth and moulds it wih its force. The subject matter has been instilled with internal movement; lacerated and shrouded in a silent scream that defies existence. Caroline also uses materials such as bronze and clay that have united their characteristics with expressive tension, resulting in an extraordinary fusion between concept and material.

Looking at her work today we find instead, within the fullness of the forms, the peace that accompanies a river that flows into a valley; like a lime tree it renders the soil around it fertile. The artistic tension is now focused on letting the timeless power of the forms express themselves through a language of their own.

It is as if Caroline has given her work the instruments to express themselves, as if she too, like a spectator, welcomes the message that they have to offer. Through marble, the material lives in symbiosis with the forms and in this harmonious union, time and space are deeply rooted in the creative journey of life.