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Children making their own vegetable garden

This week we planted herbs and vegetables at Die Bron Primary to support the feeding scheme that the school is providing for the children. Die Bron kitchen staff have started the vegetable boxes around the kitchen area and we are supporting them in their efforts to provide healthy and nutritious meals for the children.

We are calling on everyone who has some seeds or seedlings to support and drop off at the school or contact Regina. A big thank you to Rishi from Goodwill Mountain Farm for kicking off the kitchen garden at Die Bron with us. Big thank you to Graze Café’s onion donations and for Mary-Lynn for donaiton the wonderful seeds.

The project is not only providing children with healthy and nutritious food which is needed for learning and proper brain funciton, but also teaches children to grow their own food and develop healthy eating habits.

by Regina Broenner