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Creative Workshop with Colour in Stanford

The theme of last week’s session was, Go crazy with colours. The children who attend our open sessions have requested to paint and we answered their call. The session was all about colour and playing with it.

There are different age groups at the open sessions and in this activity everyone has a chance to participate and express themselves. Painting lends itself to self expression, learning and experimenting with colour, preparing for writing, enhancing hand skills and overall just playing and having fun.

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.” – Picasso

Children are natural artists and express their inner live through colour freely. We are encouraging children in our sessions to enjoy the process of painting and creating something with their hands that has started as an idea in their minds.

In this session we had two small boys of about three years old joining us. It was wonderful to watch them how they immersed themselves into the activity without hesitation.

Thank you to Rachel van Rooyen, our Creative Works facilitator, for preparing the opening circle of this session and offering some brain gym activities as a warm-up.

by Regina Broenner