David Krut Podcast | Gary Hirson: The Magic that’s Ours | Listening time 28 min

Gary Hirson: The Magic that’s Ours – Creativity, Imagination and Goal Setting | Listening time: 28 Min

In this episode, Gary Hirson is in conversation with host Britt Lawton about his self-published childrens books – The Magic That’s Ours, The Power That’s Ours and The Journey That’s Ours – which highlight the importance of imagination and creative stimulation from a young age. These titles have also been translated into Afrikaans, Zulu and Xhosa – Falling in line with the David Krut Bookstores #AfriLang campaign. He shares insight on his process of self-publishing and the actionable steps anyone can take in order to achieve their goals. Gary also speaks about his passion for words and images being both a writer and a photographer. His photography exhibition Man, Machine and Mountaindocuments the Table Mountain Cable Cart shut down in a unique perspective, sharing the inside details of this annual engineering feat.

The David Krut Bookstore is passionate about early childhood development and education and offers a wide variety of childrens books from local and international publishers.
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Gary Hirson can be found online here: https://garyhirson.com/

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