DKP Bookstore Staff visit the Michaelis Art Library


Last week, our books outreach and sales team, Innocentia Rantao and Ntombi Sono, conducted a series of school and library visits, including the Michaelis Art Library, which is part of the Central Johannesburg Library. The meeting with the head librarian, William Stewart, consisted of a tour of the library, investigating each section to determine what books can be added to the collection.

IMG-20160810-WA0020 (1)

For the past six years, the David Krut Bookstore has been providing Stewart with eclectic titles which focus on the different arenas of art. Some of the niche books that we offer are on subjects like fashion, music, film, photography, design, South African monographs and International monographs. We have also helped Stewart to expand the category of different mediums in the arts, such as printmaking, painting, drawing and mosaic.

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Here are a few of the arts categories in which the DK Bookstore specializes:

Art History- Cave art, rock art · Fashion – Local and International design i.e. well known international designers · Art Theory · Graffiti · Art movements – we can supply him with the Tate movements · Pop-Art · Performance art · Conceptual Art and Artists · General History of Art – i.e. Red Star over Russia · Contemporary African Art · Textiles, fabrics- i.e. Maa tere manalen · Sculpture- Pikita Ntuli, Claudette Schreuders, L’afrique · Crafts, Ceramics and Mosaics · Jewellery Making · Drawing · Local comics · Dumile Feni – The Beauty of the line · Fork Art · Interior Design · Glass · Furniture- Different styles · Painting i.e. Rembrandt, Matisse, Picasso · Photography · Gardening · Architecture