EVENT | When Art Meets Science!

David Krut Project’s long-standing relationship with artist and urbanist, Stephen Hobbs has recently brought about an innovative collaboration with a great local organisation: Afrifungi. On the 13th of April, 2024, the Blue House hosted a wonderful afternoon event that delved into the magical world of mushrooms!
Afrifungi is a mycology research and development company founded by Matthew Keulemans, Sven Möllgaard, and Melinda Dunnett. Afrifungi and is based at Hobbs’ Trinity Session workshop at The Orchards Project / Spark Gallery complex in Orange Grove.

Afrifungi specialises in cultivation, training, consultation, and design development with fungi. They foster an entrepreneurial environment that encourages knowledge sharing, networking, and the exchange of ideas between mycologists and all persons interested in the world of fungi. Their mission is to empower individuals interested in fungi, whether for medicinal purposes, culinary exploration, or innovative projects. 

Hobbs set out to reconnect communities in our post-COVID world using the idea of natural systems – he found solace in the world of fungi. Its proven positive impact on mental health and its ability to foster unity and connection resonated deeply with his intentions, leading to his collaborations with AfriFungi.

Fast forward a few years, and David Krut Projects has enthusiastically joined the collaborative efforts, throwing its support behind the exploration of mycelium’s potential across various disciplines while also pushing for broader awareness of the topic.

An enlightening discussion between Hobbs and the AfriFungi team had our audiences fully engaged and curious, the event also unveiled an ongoing Shiitake Sculpture that has been installed in the Blue House garden. The sculpture is made up of inoculated wooden logs, carefully crafted by the AFriFungi team in their lab and gorgeous steel host structures created by Hobbs and Thys Dullart. This structure now supports the growth of the mushrooms who inhabit the log, with a specialised misting system installed as well, they will continue to flourish for many days to come – the perfect merging of art and science!

This collaborative endeavour exemplifies the power of interdisciplinary partnerships in fostering innovation and creativity. By blending artistry with scientific exploration, the possibilities are endless, offering new avenues for establishing a richer creative eco-system.

“A fragment of mycelium can regenerate an entire network, meaning that a single mycelial individual—if you’re brave enough to use that word—is potentially immortal.” M. SHELDRAKE

In Entangled Life, Merlin Sheldrake takes us on a mind-altering journey into their spectacular world, and reveals how these extraordinary organisms transform our understanding of our planet and life itself.

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