The Importance of Conservation Framing

At 151 Framing Studio, nestled within The Blue House at 151 Jan Smuts Avenue,
Parkwood is led by Pauline Meyer, a framer dedicated to her craft: conservation framing.
With over two decades of experience in the framing industry, Pauline’s passion and
sensitivity towards both the artwork and the desires of her clients result in a truly
bespoke service.

In the world of fine art, preservation is essential. Artworks, whether paintings, prints,
photographs, or textiles, are not just decorative pieces; they hold historical and cultural
significance and deserve longevity. That’s why conservation framing, offered at 151
Framing Studio, plays such a crucial role.

Conservation framing involves using archival-quality materials and techniques to protect
and preserve artworks for generations to come. Fine artworks are vulnerable to various
threats, including light exposure, humidity, and pollutants. Conservation framing
employs acid-free mats, UV-filtering glass, and proper mounting techniques to shield
artworks from these damaging elements.

Custom Kiaat and Ash hardwood floating frames for stretched canvas paintings.
Pauline consulting with artist Mothloki Nono about custom framing for her solo exhibition.

It is also true that artworks are not just aesthetic investments but can also be financial
ones. Proper conservation framing can help maintain or even increase the value of an
artwork over time by preserving its condition and integrity.

That said, conservation framing goes beyond protection; it’s also about presentation. By
using high-quality materials and craftsmanship, conservation framing can enhance the
visual charm of an artwork. 151 Framing offers a trained eye to assist clients in choosing
the best fit for your artwork, ensuring the best possible presentation of your new

Anna van der Ploeg’s artworks framed by Pauline at the Latitudes Art Fair, 2023.

Art is meant to be enjoyed; lived with and lived in. Conservation framing ensures that
artworks remain in pristine condition, allowing collectors and art enthusiasts to continue
enjoying them for generations.

Through Pauline’s dedication to superior materials, skilled craftsmanship, and
personally tailored service, you are guaranteed that each entrusted piece receives
meticulous care – ensuring an enduring artwork that stands the test of time.

Beautiful gallery wall in a client’s home, including custom frames by Pauline.

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