Mural Project at Die Bron School

Stanford Creative Works (SCW) conducted an end of year project with the grade 7 learners at Die Bron School in Stanford.

We had Gunther Gorbahn a social worker and artist from Berlin here for a visit and together we worked on a mural in the feeding area of the school. The intention is to beautify and uplift the space in which staff cook and feed children. The grade 7 children painted the walls themselves and through this process have left a positive imprint at their junior school before moving up to high school.

The idea behind this project is to create an ongoing programme in the framework of the Viva Art Festivals that extend all over our Stanford community. To date there have been 2 Viva Art Festivals in Stanford. These activities help the children become aware of how they can positively impact their environment by looking after it. They include painting murals, creating gardens or creating natural spaces for play.

Our continual mission is to educate and bring awareness of how creativity can equip people to make significant changes as individuals in their community.

Regina Broenner

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