SCW Horse Riding Outing

On Friday 21 November, 10 children from the Stanford community were treated to an amazing experience riding horses from the African Horse Company. We drove them from the township to Stanford Hills Wine Estate where the horses are based. A group of volunteers conducted the horse riding. There were 3 horses available, so the children took turns riding them. Horse riding is a valuable activity for children as it helps them develop their balance and co-ordination. Many studies have proven that horses promote physical, occupational and emotional growth in children, especially those suffering from anxiety, autism, cerebral palsy, depression and behavioural issues.

Whilst the children were waiting to ride they enjoyed stories in Afrikaans and English.

After the horse riding the children were given some time to play and enjoy the jungle gym at Stanford Hills Wine Estate. To wrap-up a wonderful outing they were all served ice-cream.

It was a very enriching experience for these children who seldom have opportunities such this.

We would like to thank the African Horse Company, the volunteers and Stanford Hills for making this outing possible.

Daniel Hewson

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