Swimming at Stanford

These photographs were taken at Farm 215, 20 kilometres outside Stanford.

Swimming lessons are conducted with our partner group, Music and Movement supported by and Lomond Wines SEC and run by Sam Gabb. Sam regularly takes the children on swimming outings to boost their confidence and security in water. The children love these outings and enjoy exploring water in a secure and contained environment.

Swimming is an essential life skill for children to learn. Being comfortable and secure in water gives them confidence and can be a life-saving skill. Furthermore water offers endless opportunities for children to play and learn.

Water play connects the children with nature, it is relaxing and it offers opportunity for social interaction. Experiencing their bodies in the water element is a strong sensory experience offering full body engagement.

Young children can spend countless hours playing with water- pouring it in and out, measuring, squeezing a sponge, filling containers, letting leaves flow down a stream and freezing ice cubes. The concepts that young children can learn from water are essential for early development.

‘Water play’ can be encouraged in very simple ways at home:


  • Using different sized buckets for the children to pour water and measure varying amounts of liquid.
  • Going outside after the rain and hopping around and in water puddles. This develops cross motor coordination.
  • Find a little stream and float different objects down the stream. For example, building a toy boat out of wood or paper.
  • Freezing water into different shapes and sizes.
  • Painting shapes and numbers with water on a tar road and watching the pictures evaporate by the heat of the sun.
  • Encouraging children to drink water regularly to keep hydrated.
  • Blowing soap bubbles and then trying to catch or count them.
  • Allowing children to water the garden using different sized buckets.

The opportunities are endless and fun, for children and adults alike!

Regina Broenner

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