Rodean School Visit

The Roedean School art department is amongst the best high school art departments in the country. The School boasts impressive equipment for the use of its student in their growth and understanding of the arts. The department has 2 printing presses, one of which is industry standard and is used to produce some great monotypes by the students.

Art teacher, Lene Lordan, took us around the building and showed us some of the works made by students. The department spans 2 floors with walls and tables chock-a-block with student artworks. Lordan also told us many students from the department go on to follow careers in the arts with several recent old girls studying and working at the prestigious Michaelis School of Fine Arts.


The school has its own printing press used by student to create monotypes.

Some of the works produced by a Grade 11 pupil:


At the end of our visit, the school bought the Bauhaus DVD, Vivienne Westwood DVD and a book titled “The Map As Art”.


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