SCW Garden Activity

Here in Stanford we have started using small spaces at the homes surrounding the rugby field where the SCW workshops take place. We have been planting herbs and vegetables together with the children.

We have replanted Jenny October and Elizabeth’s gardens. The gardens will enable Jenny and Elizabeth  to use fresh ingredients in the soup. Rotary sponsors the soup project.

The cold winter weather has set in to Stanford and we are experiencing lots of rain and even hail. Much of the planting will wait until the spring season. We are however, continuing our work in the gardens, learning more about how to grow and which plants grow best with limited space. To date we have planted spinach, coriander, onions, parsley and beans.

Planting and gardening encourages the children to use their hands and be in contact with the soil. They are digging holes, making use of tools, experiencing the environment through their senses by touching and feeling the earth, identifying colours of plants with their eyes, smelling the herbs and engaging their whole body and sensory system in these activities. Children can learn life skills by growing their own food and at the same time can improve their fine/cross motor skills and their perceptual skills. As we are working together as a group we are encouraging the children to engage with each other and improve the group’s social dynamic and spirit.

Regina Broenner

Even the little ones got involved!

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