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The Basic Concepts Programme© (BCP) is a holistic and developmentally orientated metacognitive intervention programme for young children who experience language, information processing and socio-emotional barriers towards learning.

The programme was developed by Dr . Louis Benjamin in 2002 to address the specific cognitive and developmental needs of young children as they progress from the concrete thinking of pre-school to the more considered, logical, and reflective thought required for formal learning (reading, writing, spelling and mathematics).

The basic concepts program has now come to Stanford and aims to train the Foundation Phase educators at Die Bron Primary School as well as volunteers from the Star Literacy Program at Die Bron School. Die Bron Primary School caters to the children of the working class and unemployed in the the village.

It is envisaged that the volunteers from the Star Literacy Project as well as Regina Broenner the Occupational Therapist at the school and SCW coordinator who work at the school will continue their intervention work with learners as well as strengthen their collaboration with the teachers at the school.

The BCP will be used as an overarching approach to guide teaching and learning interventions in the Foundation Phase at the school. The training process is spread out over a period of approximately one year to allow for the integration of learning in the classrooms.

The training is facilitated by Dr Benjamin and we have had our first 2 days of training which was well received by the teachers. Regina Broenner who runs SCW and the school readiness program at Die Bron has initiated and organized the training in collaboration with SEC the skills exchange cooperative, the Zoe Carss education trust, DK projects as well as the Star literacy program. This is a collaborative effort of these different stakeholders to bring the basic concepts program to Stanford. Thank you to all parties involved.

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