The importance of a nurturing environment for our children

Over and over we observe the special time and space that the workshops provide our children. During these workshops the children are acknowledged and given time to spend on quiet activities. It is very important and essential for the children’s emotional state but also their physical growth and development.

This week I observed a group of children sitting in a tight circle with Maggie, our German volunteer. They were listening to a story and talking about it in the process. The sense of touch and being close to each other as a group brings a sense of belonging to these children. It is visible how much these workshops nurture them. We plan activities and games that calm the children’s nervous systems Examples being circle games or breathing exercises which help them to concentrate better but also connects with their inner core.

It is beautiful to see how this quality time can bring much peace and enrichment to our children and we all can do it….spend time with children around us and nurture their spirit.

Regina Broenner

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