The Re-Awakening of The Author: Things are stirring with Fry! by Lukanyo Mbanga

Human beings are visual creatures. Think about it. How many minutes do we spend a day choosing the perfect outfit or debating which emoji would do justice to a bland text? I’m sure you’ve heard the tired phrase, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover.’  I’m also sure that by now you’ve figured out that that’s exactly what we do– and quite frankly what we’ll continue doing. Come on, book covers are great. If I’m browsing aimlessly along a shelf with no author or title in mind, it’s only expected that I’d pick the cover most enticing to me.

But what happens when we open the book? Are our attention spans wide enough to get through a couple pages without falling asleep? Do our thumbs start itching for something to swipe? Or do the clouds floating in the window offer a more gripping story line? I think the most alarming question is: Where does this leave the author?

This year at David Krut Book Store we want to put more focus on highlighting the writers. Like any art, the art of writing isn’t something to be taken lightly. Not only do we pride ourselves in being a haven for creatives, scholars and appreciators of art, but we are above all– preservers of knowledge. And books are the closest and purest elixirs to immortality that humanity will ever know.

To keep the theme of visuals going, what better than to introduce the exciting new additions to our shelves? Drum roll please— The spectacular Stephen Fry! The man who can do it all and the man who’ll make you FEEL like you can do it all!

Stephen Fry, the award winning author, actor comedian and broadcaster will never lead you astray when exploring the evergreen realm of knowledge. From learning about the siege of Troy to the forms and components of poetry, Fry has a virtuosic ability to de-sanctify even the most serious of topics. Here is an author who lives within his pages and who lets his voice carry his readers on a boat of wit, empathy and erudition.

On our shelves, sits two of his most acclaimed novels, Mythos and Heroes which give an engaging, original and simply hysterical re-telling of the Greek Myths. These stylish collections of ancient history are an excellent display of Fry’s masterly command of the English language.  And just when you think he’s done it all, Fry drops another delicious bomb with his brand new book, Fry’s Ties. In this illustrative book, Fry gives a personal and sophisticated commentary on the significance of ties in both culture and history. Yep, only Fry could pull this one off! Here’s a taste of books being so much more than stacks of bound paper sitting on a shelf. They are portals to worlds, thoughts and information that we as readers are so gifted to slip in and out of.  

So if your fine artists, graphic designers and photographers are the rock stars of our age— then let’s give some room in the hall of fame for our writers. Seeking always to inspire confidence and impart his knowledge in the most accessible way, Stephen Fry is a fantastic way to kick-start your love and appreciation for the world of literature!

Written by Lukanyo Mbanga

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