“When Loving Him Hurts” Book Launch with Phillipa Sklaar and Sue Hickey

“When Loving Him Hurts” Book Launch | David Krut Bookstore | 151 Jan Smuts Avenue | 30 July 2015 | 6PM

“When Loving Him Hurts” is a comprehensive self-help manual that will appeal to any woman who has ever been psychologically, emotionally, financially or physically hurt by a man. Through penetrating case studies, work sheets and psychological insights, “When Loving Him Hurts” will help the reader identify and accept her situation of abuse and subsequently empower her to learn the art of the sacred No, reclaiming self-esteem and healing through life-changing, creative expression.

It is an invaluable tool, a unique guide written specifically for wounded women, by two women who are all too familiar with the silent and invisible stain of abuse that marks the world we live in.