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  • The London Art Schools

    Since 1960, progressive forces within art education have fired new impulses in the field of artistic production. As society at large embraced youth and popular culture, art-school students with international aspirations tore down class barriers, fused fashion with pop, and insisted that art was integral to social change.

  • The Mlungu in Africa: Art from the Colonial Period, 1840-1940


    This work examines African art that engages with the presence of white people in the ‘contact zones’ and colonial states in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever


    Conceived in parallel to Grayson Perry’s exhibition The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever!, this catalogue brings together visual material and texts that expand on the themes raised in the show.


  • The Pre-Raphaelites (Colour library series)

    The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood had a dynamic influence upon the Victorian era. The painters, including Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Holman Hunt and John Everett Millais, fought against an increasing mechanized society to establish the artist as a creative individual, attempting to raise art from the triviality into which it had fallen.

  • The Saatchi Gallery 100


    rt that was “headbuttingly impossible to ignore” is how Charles Saatchi describes the work that intrigued him as he started to collect British art in the early 1990s. Damien Hirst’s giant shark in formaldehyde, Tracey Emin’s unmade bed and a chilling

  • The Sculpture 100

    Touring through England’s great outdoor museum of public sculpture, this unique and beautifully-photographed film features works by, among many others, Jacob Epstein, Eric Gill, Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Richard Deacon, Anish Kapoor and Rachel Whiteread.

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    The Sorcerer’s Apprentice – Picasso, Provence, and Douglas Cooper


    John Richardson brings the same dazzling narrative style to this memoir as he did to Volumes I and II of A Life of Picasso. Robert Hughes called the second volume “a masterpiece in the making, the most illuminating biography yet written on a twentieth-century visual artist and the only one that can sustain comparison with Painter on Proust, Ellman on Joyce, or Edel on Henry James”; he also praised Richardson’s “crispness of writing” and “impressive eye for the offbeat or scandalous detail.” All these qualities conspire to make The Sorcerer’s Apprentice a brilliant and fascinating chronicle.

  • The Station Point


    Taken over the past three decades throughout Europe and North America, these photographs are of age-old landscapes; historical treasures of architecture nestled in the countryside and rusting industrial sites reclaimed by nature.

  • The World Goes Pop


    The World Goes Pop explores the contemporaneous engagements with a spirit of pop throughout the globe, concentrating not only on the relatively well-covered activity in the US, UK and France but also on developments throughout Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

  • They EY Exhibition: Impressionists in London- French Artists in Exile


    The EY Exhibition: Impressionists in London: French Artists in Exile charts the story of the French artists who took refuge in London during and after the devastating Franco-Prussian War and the Paris Commune. Following these traumatic events there was a creative flourishing in London as the exiles responded to British culture and social life regattas, processions, parks, and of course the Thames.

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    This is Bacon

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    Francis Bacon was one of the giants dominating the artistic landscape of the mid-twentieth century, and served as the inspiration and launching point for much of the figural and abstract art that came after him.

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    This is Goya

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    Modern art begins with Goya. He was the first to create works of art for their own sake, and he lived in a time of incredible cultural and social dynamism when the old concepts of social hierarchy were being shaken by the new concept of equality for all.

  • Through the Looking Glass


    This book accompanied an exhibition that opened at the National Arts Festival in 2004. It considers work by a range of women artists who have represented themselves and their bodies in their work. The book is accompanied by an education supplement written by Philippa Hobbs. The educational supplement has been designed as a guide for…

  • Tiepolo and the Pictorial Intelligence


    Tiepolo is a brilliant example of the specifically pictorial intelligence. This book is both a study of his art and an argument for fuller recognition of the peculiarities of the painters’ representational medium. Svetlana Alpers and Michael Baxandall locate distinctive modes of Tiepolo’s representation of the world and human action; follow his process of invention from first pen drawings through small oil-sketches to great frescoes; and analyze his best and biggest painting, the Four Continents, in the Stairway Hall of the Prince-Bishop’s Residence at Wurzburg, which is illustrated with photographs specially taken for the book.

  • Topics Of Our Time


    This collection of hard-hitting and highly readable essays reflects Gombrich’s preoccupation with the central questions of value and tradition in our culture. He confronts – with characteristic incision and erudition – some of the most urgent issues that challenge today’s students of art and civilization.