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  • Un certain etat du monde?: A Selection of Works from The Francois Pinault Foundation


    Artists play a fundamental role as mirror of society and can, in particular, give expression to specific corners of the world in our global economy. This is a new stop of the Francois Pinault collection journey around the world. A monumental exhibition at the famous Garage: a 1927 bus garage in Moscow designed by the Constructivist architect Konstantin Melnikov and transformed into a gallery for contemporary art and culture by Daria Dasha Zhukova, whose partner is the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich.

  • Under the Sway :A Photographic Journey Through Mozambique


    This photographic title is comprised of diverse sections, including historical pictures, a map of the country and the actual photographic journey. The journey is divided into three sections that echo the geographic regions of the country

  • Unsettled: The 100 Year War of Resistance by Xhosa against Boer and British


    In Unsettled, South African photographer Cedric Nunn (best known for his photographs of apartheid resistance) turns his lens to the landscape of the Eastern Cape, site of the longest and most complex anti-colonial confrontation in South Africa’s history: The 100 Year War of Resistance.

  • Verushka: The Ultimate Collection


    Veruschka may indeed be the most beautiful woman in the world. But this great supermodel has always been more than just a pretty face. Vera Lehndorff transformed her image, her name, and the world in the pursuit of high fashion and of art.

  • Viviane Sassen: Sketches


    Sketches shows Polaroids made in Africa between 2002 and 2010. This book could be an explanation or a introducion to the previous Flamboya book and project but in fact Sketches is a small and magic book on its own, showing the beautiful universe of Viviane Sassen’s photography.

  • Walker Evans and the Picture Postcard


    Walker Evans and the Picture Postcard focuses on a collection of 9,000 picture postcards amassed by the American photographer Walker Evans (1903-1975) that are now part of Walker Evans Archive at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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    When a Man Cries


    Themba Limba is a family man who is caught between his flourishing career as a teacher and municipal councilor and his overriding sexual interests. Despite his attempts to maintain his status in the community, his actions eventually lead to his downfall. What follows is an account – sometimes tragic, occasionally humorous, and always compelling – of Themba’s efforts to regain his dignity and pride in the eyes of his family and community.

  • White Casket


    In The White Casket, Japanese artist Miwa Yanagi has created a bizarre fantasy world inhabited by department store “elevator girls”. In upscale Japanese department stores, the elevator girl performs the role of a hostess, directing customers to their destinations while lending an aura of elegance to the shopping experience.

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    Why Photography Matters As Never Before – Michael Fried


    From the late 1970s onward, serious art photography began to be made at large scale and for the wall. Michael Fried argues that this immediately compelled photographers to grapple with issues centering on the relationship between the photograph and the viewer standing before it that until then had been the province only of painting.

  • William Klein : ABC


    Traditional photography books put me to sleep – They were untouchable, academic and boring. For me, design, graphics and layout were almost as important as the photographs themselves. And that’s why I did everything I could to create a new kind of visual book”. William Klein,

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    Women by Women: 50 Years of Women’s Photography in South Africa


    This book celebrates the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Women’s March on the Union Buildings. It provides a dramatic and unprecedented showcase of photographic talent, from the early pioneers of social documentary, including Anne Fischer and Constance Stuart Larrabee, to the challenging images created by women in South Africa today.

  • Women by Women: 50 Years Of Women’s Photography In South Africa

    A look into the talent of South African female photographers
    Commissioned by the Ministry of Arts and Culture, this book celebrates the 50th anniversary of the 1956 women’s march on the Union Buildings. It provides a dramatic and unprecedented showcase of photographic talent, from the early pioneers of social documentary, including Anne Fischer and Constance Stuart Larrabee, to the challenging images created by women in South Africa today. 75 photographers and almost 400 images are included.
  • Women of Consequence – Heroines Who Shaped the World


    An inspiring illustrated history of a century of great women and their impact on the world. Many of the world’s greatest pioneers, record-breakers, and achievers over the last century were women.

  • Women Photographers and Feminist Aesthetics


    Developing the argument that through aesthetic force emerges the truly political, the book moves beyond polarization of the aesthetic and the cultural. Instead, photographic works are read for their subversive political and cultural force, as it emerges through the aesthetics of the image.

    This book is ideal for students of Photography, Art History, Art and Visual Culture, and Gender.

  • Women War Artists


    Women war artists have acted as witnesses to many of the major conflicts of the twentieth century, from the First and Second World Wars to the current engagements in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some have been commissioned through Official War Art schemes; others have worked independently, bringing an unofficial and independent perspective to our view of conflict.

  • World of Art: American Art and Architecture


    This new survey provides a complete history of American art and architecture from its seventeenth-century colonial beginnings to the latest installation and video work