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    Beyond Bagamoyo: A Journey from Cape to Cairo


    “Past the waterhole at Musmar my spirits started fighting each other again. There were turmoils of the unknown, beautyversus the hideous, and the passion of going beyond. I closed my eyes and walked fifty paces. There was still nothing on the endless horizon. Then I sat down in the sand and drew a map of…

  • Bill Brandt


    From pictures of London streets during the blackout and people sleeping in the Underground during the Blitz, from images of high society in pre-war Britain to moody, pared-down landscapes and elegant abstracted nudes, Bill Brandt’s photographs are imbued with strangeness and mystery, with a Surrealist touch, with rich connotations. This rich presentation is the perfect overview of his most memorable images.

  • Bixhino


    Bixinho” is an affectionate term of northeastern Brazil, to refer to someone close, and it is about affection the images here present, about different affections: the affection of the photographers to the art of photography, the romantic-sexual affection between two lovers, the affection of friendship.

    “These photos can be a gun for those who hate, for those who try to deny our very existence, our love, our family. But our intention is not to hurt-yes, we are fighters, but if our art, our bodies can be weapons we chose to fight side by side the ones who love, staying strong, staying together. In the midst of chaos, hope resists, Marielle Vive!”

    “And our bodies become resistance, beyond any and every art.” (Raí Gandra, bixinho)

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    Bob Cnoops: Fine Art Photography


    CD and accompanying booklet with Photography by Bob Cnoops

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    Book of Songs – Shabbir Banoobhai


    Written over a month of fasting and inspired by the poetry of Rumi, these poems are all, ultimately, songs of love.

  • Botsotso :Contemporary South African Culture


    Contemporary South African literary journal carrying poetry, fiction, essays and graphics. 90% English, 10% southern African languages. Botsotso is a grouping of poets, writers and artists who wish to both create art as well as to generate the means for its public exposure and appreciation.

  • Boyle Family

    Boyle Family have worked together for more than 30 years producing an art that scrutinises and replicates fragments of reality. Mark Boyle and Joan Hills began making assemblages in the early 1960s. In 1964 they started their life-long project Journey to the

  • British Artists:Stanley Spencer


    One of the most highly regarded and well known of all twentieth-century British artists, Stanley Spencer (1891-1959) is famous for two things. He immortalized the Berkshire village of Cookham, where he was born and spent most of his life. And he celebrated sex both on his canvases and through his unconventional understanding of relationships.

  • British Artists:Walter Sickert


    A member of the Camden Town group, Walter Sickert played a dynamic role in the development of British painting and the graphic arts.

  • Building TATE Modern


    This work follows the transformation of Sir Giles Gilbert Scott’s brick power station, on Bankside, into the Tate Modern art gallery, by Swiss Architects Herzog & de Meuron. It presents a photographic account of every stage of the development and includes an interview with Jacques Herzog.

  • Burden Of Representation: Essays on Photographies and Histories


    Photographs are used as documents, records and evidence every day in courtrooms and hospitals, on passports and driving licences. But how did photographs come to be established and accepted, what sort of agencies and institutions have the power to enforce this status and, more generally, what concept of photographic representation is entailed and what are its consequences?

  • Burn: Into the Flames of Burning Art – A Photographic Journey


    AfrikaBurn is the most exciting interactive art spectacle on the continent – a suspension of reality, a blank canvas inviting a radical community to work, play and create at will. A cultural oasis emerges in the middle of a semi-desert landscape, pulsating with art, theme camps, costumes, music and performance. Its temporary citizens set aside their daily habits, cell phones and wallets to celebrate community, art, self-expression and self-reliance.

  • Calais Lace


    Since 1993 Michael Kenna has visited Calais many times and wandered at length throughout the town, photographing its urban landscapes and its proud industrious heart: the lace factories. On his first visit he met Annette Haudiquet, then head curator of the Musée des Beaux-Arts et de la Dentelle. It was during this meeting that the idea for the book Calais Lace, and the exhibition it accompanies, was born.

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    Candice Breitz: Extra!


    Candice Breitz: Extra! is the first significant survey exhibition of Breitz’s work on South African soil.

  • Casting Shadows: Images from a New South Africa

    Edward West uses the metaphorical power of shadow to foreground the shifting visibility of South Africa’s black population post apartheid. From 1997-1999, he traveled in South Africa to photograph the country’s townships, squatter camps, and locations during this historic time of transition. In focusing on the private moments of these newly empowered people within their own communities, West has created a complex, visually compelling study of the ways in which identity is inextricably linked to environment. Utilizing the medium of photography in large scale color Giclee prints, West has developed a rich visual language built on the shadow metaphor that at once moves us and grounds us.

  • Cedric Nunn – Call and Response


    This publication features his photographs from the late seventies to the present day, allowing insight into a previously unknown African world. His aesthetically and compositionally unusual photographs combine reality with poetry.