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  • At this Stage


    As South Africa continues to advance towards the fulfilment of its visionary constitution, significant shifts in the mode, style, and theme of its nation’s theatre have begun to take hold. The four plays in this collection, by Lara Foot Newton, Mike van Graan, Motshabi Tyelele and Craig Higginson, offer insights into an emerging national identity.

  • Avigdor Arikha: From Life


    In 1965, at the height of a successful career as an abstract painter in Paris and New York, Romanian-born Israeli artist Avigdor Arikha (b.1929) suddenly stopped painting to return to drawing from life. When he returned to painting in 1973 it was to begin on the series of intensely observed portraits, nudes and still lifes for which he is now known worldwide.

  • Azzaro


    In honor of the fashion house’s fiftieth anniversary, Loris Azzaro offers an in-depth look at the life and legacy of French fashion icon Loris Azzaro. This illustrated retrospective reveals a designer who celebrated the female form with unabashed glamour,

  • Ballet and Modern Dance


    Whether as performers or as spectators, more people enjoy dance today than ever before. Its extraordinary range extends from classical ballet and baroque court spectacles to avant-garde modern dance, tap, and ethnic dancing.

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    Beaufort West – Mikhael Subotzky


    With an essay by Jonny Steinberg and commentary by Mikhael Subotzky

    At the half-way point along South Africa’s great highway – the N1 running from Cape Town to Johannesburg – lies the small town of Beaufort West. With its prison in the middle of town, on an island in the highway, it’s a surreal road-stop that offers everything a traveller might want – food, gas, a place to stay, an hour of sex… Mikhael Subotzky considers the town, its vivid characters and poignant social landscapes, in a photo essay that confronts central issues of contemporary South African society. His first photobook, it is exquisitely produced on a large portfolio scale. With an introduction by leading South African writer Jonny Steinberg and Subotzky’s own commentary on the photographs, the book is both a document of social evidence and the visual manifesto of the best of the new wave of South African art photographers.

    The book is published to coincide with Subotzky’s first North American exhibition – Beaufort West at the Museum of Modern Art, opening in September 2008.

    Photo credit: 5B4

  • Beginners on Stage… Ask Miss B


    Debra Batzofin has been working in theatres since 1973 when she worked on the Ipi Tombi production. In the more than forty years since then she has worked on many of the most famous productions in South African theatre history.

  • Berni Searle – Interlaced


    This catalogue was published to accompany Berni Searle’s touring exhibition, Interlaced, at three European institutions – the Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem in the Netherlands, 46 Nord 6 Est Frac Lorraine in Metz, France, and the Cultuurcentrum Brugge in Belgium. Searle’s newly commissioned work of the same title, a site-specific response to the city of…

  • Berni Searle: Approach


    Berni Searle: Approach, is a multidimensional program with internationally celebrated South African artist, whose work in performance, photography, film and video installation address racial and gender inequities through the use of her body, personal histories and the construction of personal mythologies.

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    Berni Searle: Float


      Catalogue for Standard bank Artist of the Year, Grahamstown Festival, 2003. “This essay explores the relationship between fantasy and reality in the visual narratives of Berni Searle, and the ways in which she uses the racialised and gendered concepts of both her body and the body politic to stage these narrative identities. The essay…

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    Between Dogs and Wolves: Growing up with South Africa

    Between Dogs and Wolves is the culmination of over ten years work by the award-winning South African photographer Jodi Bieber. Beginning in 1994 after South Africa’s first democratic elections, the book focuses on a generation of young people growing up on the fringes of South African society. Bieber takes us into one of

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    Beyond Bagamoyo: A Journey from Cape to Cairo


    “Past the waterhole at Musmar my spirits started fighting each other again. There were turmoils of the unknown, beautyversus the hideous, and the passion of going beyond. I closed my eyes and walked fifty paces. There was still nothing on the endless horizon. Then I sat down in the sand and drew a map of…

  • Bill Brandt


    From pictures of London streets during the blackout and people sleeping in the Underground during the Blitz, from images of high society in pre-war Britain to moody, pared-down landscapes and elegant abstracted nudes, Bill Brandt’s photographs are imbued with strangeness and mystery, with a Surrealist touch, with rich connotations. This rich presentation is the perfect overview of his most memorable images.

  • Bixhino


    Bixinho” is an affectionate term of northeastern Brazil, to refer to someone close, and it is about affection the images here present, about different affections: the affection of the photographers to the art of photography, the romantic-sexual affection between two lovers, the affection of friendship.

    “These photos can be a gun for those who hate, for those who try to deny our very existence, our love, our family. But our intention is not to hurt-yes, we are fighters, but if our art, our bodies can be weapons we chose to fight side by side the ones who love, staying strong, staying together. In the midst of chaos, hope resists, Marielle Vive!”

    “And our bodies become resistance, beyond any and every art.” (Raí Gandra, bixinho)

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    Bob Cnoops: Fine Art Photography


    CD and accompanying booklet with Photography by Bob Cnoops

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    Book of Songs – Shabbir Banoobhai


    Written over a month of fasting and inspired by the poetry of Rumi, these poems are all, ultimately, songs of love.

  • Botsotso :Contemporary South African Culture


    Contemporary South African literary journal carrying poetry, fiction, essays and graphics. 90% English, 10% southern African languages. Botsotso is a grouping of poets, writers and artists who wish to both create art as well as to generate the means for its public exposure and appreciation.