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  • Andrie Gouws


    Pedestrian Paintings (2006-2011), Andries Gouws’s travelling exhibition combines the interiors and still-lifes known from Gouws’ previous shows with a series of paintings of feet on which he has been working since 2006.

  • Artists’ Laboratory 01: Ian McKeever RA


    The first book in the Artists’ Laboratory series, delves into the work of Ian McKeever through essays and conversations.

  • Cy Twombly: A Retrospective


    This rewarding catalogue of a MOMA retrospective exhibition covers the full spectrum of Twombly’s art, from spare white-on-gray paintings to fragile clay sculpture to the epic pictures inspired by Homer’s Trojan War.

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    J.M.W. Turner: The ‘Wilson’ Sketchbook – Studies of a Young Artists


    This stunning book is a beautifully produced near-facsimilie of J.M.W. Turner’s sketchbook collecting and reproducing Turner’s ‘Wilson’ studies. It even includes the section in which Turner used his sketchbook upside down in his haste to sketch!”

  • Venice with Turner


    Experience the magic and wonder of the majestic floating city through the eyes of one of the world’s great painters.

  • Anton Henning: Sandpipers, Lizards &History


    Sandpipers, Lizards & History is Henning’s first major show in London, and presents over a dozen new paintings including abstract interiors, pin-up girls, a naked self-portrait, and a beach scene. In Sandpipers, Lizards and History the top-floor of the gallery has been transformed into a lounge.

  • Bhupen Khakhar – You Can’t Please All


    Beautifully produced, and coinciding with a major new exhibition at Tate Modern, this publication is an essential reference to one of the most compelling and unique voices in twentieth-century art, as well as a significant contribution to the field of international modernism.

  • Bridget Riley


    Bridget Riley is one of Britain’s most celebrated artists, and her career has been distinguished by a series of remarkable innovations. She first attracted critical attention with the dazzling black-and-white paintings she began to make in 1961. Her participation in the seminal exhibition The Responsive Eye at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, in…

  • Chuck Close: Family & Others

  • Ellen Altfest: Paintings


    Ellen Altfest is well known as an artist for her painstakingly labor-intensive canvases that look at things in the world.

  • Fred Page : Ringmaster of the Imagination 1908-1984


    Frederick Hutchinson Page was an artist who is regarded as South Africa’s foremost Surrealist painter. He died in 1984 at the age of 76 having produced a body of work which is remarkable not only for its unique personal imagery, but which is also one of the few examples, in the 20th century, of an painter who portrays with some accuracy, the particular architectural features of the city in which he lived. Between 1947 and 1980, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, formed the backdrop for his extraordinarily fertile visual imagination. Reclusive by choice, he lived in an area close to the city’s harbour called Central where most of the material he used for the images was gleaned from sketches and photographs.

  • Gary Hume: American Tan


    Catalog bound in stiff wraps titled GARY HUME:American Tan (Gloss, Charcoal, Bronze, Marble). Published by White Cube, London to accompany the Exhibition Gary Hume:American Tan, 5 September – 6 October 2007.

  • Gerhard Richter – Panorama


    Gerhard Richter: Panorama is the first and most complete overview of Richter’s whole career. Where previous monographs have focused on a single aspect of his work, this stunningly illustrated survey encompasses his entire oeuvre, now stretching across more than a half-century of activity. It includes his photo- paintings, abstracts, landscapes and seascapes, portraits, colour charts, glass and mirror works, sculptures, drawings and photographs, providing the definitive account of Richter’s colossal artistic achievements.

  • British Artists: Henry Fuseli


    Painter, poet, critic and teacher, Henry Fuseli (1741-1825) is one of the most idiosyncratic and original figures in the history of British Art. His work has always been the subject of speculation, gossip and fantasy. This book offers a completely new interpretation of the artist, placing him firmly in the context of traumatic social, cultural…

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    How to Paint like Turner


    British artist J.M.W. Turner (1775–1851) painted unforgettable watercolors and was revered for his masterly use of shifting light and dramatic cloudscapes. Now, this clear, accessible book reveals the secrets of Turner’s technique, making his magical effects possible for today’s painters.

  • Huguette Caland


    Spanning her 48-year career, this book details Caland’s exploratory practice which has had a key, if under-recognised, role in the development of international modern art. In the 1970s, after moving to Paris from Beirut, she created exuberant and erotically-charged paintings, which challenged traditional conventions of beauty and desire. The female physique is a recurrent motif in her work, depicted as landscapes or amorphous forms.