DAVID KRUT PODCAST | African Game: Species and Subspecies with Stephen Carton-Barber | Listening Time: 20 minutes

In this episode, Stephen Carton-Barber spoke to Britt Lawton about his self-published book titled “African Game: Species & Subspecies.”

“The subspecies of today are the species of tomorrow.” – Stephen Carton-Barber.

Stephen speaks about his reference book on African game which contains sixty-three chapters, listing hundreds of species and subspecies of African game animals. The author gives detailed descriptions of each species. He also provides a historical and current distribution maps – explaining their relevance regarding the historical distribution of African animals, something very unique.

African Game: Species and Subspecies by Stephen Carton-Barber is now exclusively available from the David Krut Bookstore. Click here to view the book and make a purchase.

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Hosted by Britt Lawton
Edited by Kelvin Sithole