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It’s the little things that count

The term is coming to an end. While reflecting on the past few months and all the children, activities and programs that we did, I ask myself what stands out. Our programs have a common goal and that is to support with passion and love the young child in her or his holistic development.

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What really stands out for me is the human interaction, and building up relationship and trust. Sharing moments that are sometimes funny, sometimes sad and occasionally difficult but those moments are what connect us as human beings. One of the great tools when working with children, and especially children who come from difficult backgrounds and circumstances, is building up a real interaction and being authentic as an adult. Children want real stuff, real feelings, real hands-on experiences that make them feel the world and themselves in it.

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We can get lost in this fast and sometimes artificial world that tells us that we can get any information at the press of a button without really engaging our body and mind. The journey of researching books is an exciting one, which can include walking to the library or talking to an elder to gain knowledge and learn from hands-on experiences. In order to learn and grow healthy bodies and minds we need to offer children the opportunity to explore the world with all their senses and the emotions that come with those experiences.


As adults we can offer the young child the richness of being in this world by being present, talking to each other, singing, dancing, drawing in sand, reading a book, making up stories with words and our imagination, or having a walk outside barefoot to feel the earth with our feet. We can be there and support children no matter who we are and where we come from; just by offering a real friendship that comes from our heart and can be expressed in actions, words or simply a smile.

by Regina Broenner

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