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Word Art at 151 | Session 4 : Young voices

Word art at 151  Session 4 : Young Voices

The evening of session 4 of Word art at 151 nestled in a crowd of poetry lovers and a group 5 talented young poets. Session 4 aimed to celebrate the bold voices of the future of literature.

The poets dove into hard-hitting topics –  the injustices of society and their personal explorations of love, spirituality and democracy – incarnated in the expression of their own lived experiences whilst clad in the intricacies of potent word selection. This group was a manifestation of a dynamic shift in South African literature.

Word Art at 151 looks forward to continuously growing support towards this program dedicated to poetry and spoken word. Keep a look out for more information on session 5 in our monthly newsletters.

Get to know our five young voices by following these links to their Word art at 151 profiles

session-4-young-voices-mthabisi-sithole-1  Mthabisi Sithole

session-4-young-voicessiza-nkosi-1   Siza Nkosi

session-4-young-voices-articulating-the-meaninglessness-of-life-as-a-continuum-but-the-supposed-meaningfulness-of-it-within-the-nodes-of-that-same-continuum  Ahmed Patel

session-4-young-voices-moses-metileni-1  Moses Mtileni

session-4-young-voiceszama-madinana-1  Zama Madinana

Images from Word art at 151 Session 4: Young voices 

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