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  • Zhang Huan: The Mountain is Still a Mountain


    Known primarily for his demanding performances of the 1990s, Zhang Huan (born 1965) has more recently made paintings using incense ash gathered from ceremonies performed at Buddhist temples in Shanghai. This volume presents a series of ash paintings that refer to recent Chinese history.¬†Entitled ‘The Mountain is Still a Mountain’, a reference to the teachings of a Chan Buddhist master from the Tang Dynasty period, this exhibition presented a series of large-scale figurative ash paintings that touch on diverse cultural, political and spiritual themes.

  • Zip Zip My Brain Harts


    Taking its title from the wordplay of a child who has cerebral palsy, this book spotlights the world of disability- a world that tends to be secret, a source of stigma, shame and disgrace.

    The subtle and sensitive photography of Angela Buckland records her journey through this world from when she first suspected that her son was disabled to her decision to record the experiences of seven families with disabled children.

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    Zwelethu Mthethwa