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  • A Game of Passion


    Soccer in Africa, A Game of Passion celebrates the beautiful game and its significance for the people of Africa. In striking images drawn from 12 African countries, the book tells of the enormous appeal of soccer, both as sporting spectacle and as a timeless social phenomenon crossing political, religious and social boundaries. From Cape Town…

  • Abandoned Futures: A Journey to the Posthuman World


    What will the end of the world look like?
    ‘Abandoned Futures’ is a breathtaking global overview of the decay and abandonment that sits in the midsts of humanities constant push towards an uncertain future. It’s a visual epic dedicated to the edge of our power, where human industry fails and decay takes over. These are the landscapes that give the lie to our dreams of immortality.

  • Abrie Fourie – End of the World


    Cape Point, at the southern tip of South Africa, was once believed to be the place where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet. It is one of those places that remind us of our transience. End of the World is a visual echo of an exchange: at Cape Point, I sensed, in a moment of…

  • African Game:Species and Subspecies (2nd Edition)


    In summary, this book has succeeded in positioning itself as a stunningly attractive “coffee table piece” for general interest readers, but also as an important and “un-equalled reference source”, for academics and others requiring more detailed scientific information.

  • Alterating Conditions: Performing Performance Art in South Africa


    When Brian O’Doherty first published his famous essay Inside the White Cube, The Ideology of the Gallery Space in 1976, he provocatively questioned the gallery space and system. Already one year earlier, RoseLee Goldberg had argued that the emerging arts practices at that time, as conceptual art or performance art, amongst others, negotiate space radically…

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    American Art Since 1945


    No other introductory book presents the diversity and complexity of postwar American art from Abstract Expressionism to the present as clearly and succinctly as this groundbreaking survey.
    David Joselit traces and analyzes the contradictory formal, ideological, and political conditions during this period that made American art predominant throughout the world.

  • And the Girls in their Sunday Dresses


    Two very different women meet during a long wait to buy subsidized rice and discover they have more in common than their poverty; an old man and child share a last, loving waltz; a cynical, disabled gangster learns humanity from a committed social worker; and a young girl finds her missing father and her role in the political struggle.

  • Art and Justice: The Art of the Constitutional Court of South Africa


    Art and Justice: The Art of the Constitutional Court of South Africa documents and celebrates the artworks integrated into and collected for the Constitutional Court of South Africa. The book pays tribute to the extraordinary vision of the architects and judges of the Court who sought to bring together, in the most inspiring, innovative and dignified way possible, art and the workings of justice, and to give a public soul to the new Court building.

  • Art Game Book :Arts in the 20th Century


    With games, puzzles, quotations, and commentaries, the Art Game Book is an original way to explore 20th century painting, sculpture, architecture, design, video, installation, and photography.

  • Ato Malinda – Contact Zones #4


    800×600 Volume 4 is dedicated to the work of Ato Malinda who lives and works in Nairobi. Malinda has created a significant corpus of work which stands almost alone in the art world of East Africa. She is a performance artist, also working with the media of video, photography, installation and painting. Her work is…

  • Ballet and Modern Dance


    Whether as performers or as spectators, more people enjoy dance today than ever before. Its extraordinary range extends from classical ballet and baroque court spectacles to avant-garde modern dance, tap, and ethnic dancing.

  • Beginners on Stage… Ask Miss B


    Debra Batzofin has been working in theatres since 1973 when she worked on the Ipi Tombi production. In the more than forty years since then she has worked on many of the most famous productions in South African theatre history.

  • Berni Searle – Interlaced


    This catalogue was published to accompany Berni Searle’s touring exhibition, Interlaced, at three European institutions – the Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem in the Netherlands, 46 Nord 6 Est Frac Lorraine in Metz, France, and the Cultuurcentrum Brugge in Belgium. Searle’s newly commissioned work of the same title, a site-specific response to the city of…

  • Berni Searle: Approach


    Berni Searle: Approach, is a multidimensional program with internationally celebrated South African artist, whose work in performance, photography, film and video installation address racial and gender inequities through the use of her body, personal histories and the construction of personal mythologies.

  • Berni Searle: Float


      Catalogue for Standard bank Artist of the Year, Grahamstown Festival, 2003. “This essay explores the relationship between fantasy and reality in the visual narratives of Berni Searle, and the ways in which she uses the racialised and gendered concepts of both her body and the body politic to stage these narrative identities. The essay…

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    Between Dogs and Wolves: Growing up with South Africa

    Between Dogs and Wolves is the culmination of over ten years work by the award-winning South African photographer Jodi Bieber. Beginning in 1994 after South Africa’s first democratic elections, the book focuses on a generation of young people growing up on the fringes of South African society. Bieber takes us into one of