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  • A Long Way Home-Migrant Worker Worlds


    A Long Way Home captures the humanity, agency and creative modes of self-expression of the millions of workers who helped to build and shape modern South Africa.

    The book spans a three-hundred-year history beginning with the exportation of slave labour from Mozambique in the eighteenth century and ending with the strikes and tensions on the platinum belt in recent years. It shows not only the age-old mobility of African migrants across the continent but also, with the growing demand for labour in the mining industry, the importation of Chinese indentured migrant workers.

    Contributions include 18 essays and over 90 artworks and photographs that traverse homesteads, chiefdoms and mining hostels, taking readers into the materiality of migrant life and its customs and traditions, including the rituals practiced by migrants in an effort to preserve connections to “home” and create a sense of “belonging”. The essays and visual materials provide multiple perspectives on the lived experience of migrant labourers and celebrate their extraordinary journeys.

    A Long Way Home was conceived during the planning of an art exhibition entitled ‘Ngezinyawo: Migrant Journeys’ at Wits Art Museum. The interdisciplinary nature of the contributions and the extraordinary collection of images selected to complement and expand on the text make this a unique collection.

  • Complete Guide to Snakes of South Africa (New Edition)


    This long-awaited third edition of  A Complete Guide to the Snakes of Southern Africa  has been updated, revised and expanded.

  • Cooked in South Africa

    Cooked in South Africa is an initiative of Wish Upon a Star, a non-profit fund-raising charity, and all proceeds from the sales of this book will be donated to children living with disability.

  • Die Bram Fischer Wals


    Hoewel hy algemeen bekend is as die Afrikaner-Kommunis wat vir Nelson Mandela van die galg gered het, is bitter min bekend oor Bram Fischer die man. Fischer was ‘n gerespekteerde senior advokaat by die Johannesburgse Balie, wat gekies het om hom by die onderdruktes te skaar en wat ondergronds gegaan het om by die gewapende stryd aan te sluit. Hy is op 5 November 1965 in hegtenis geneem nadat hy vir bykans tien maande op vlug was.

  • Fools, Bells and the habit of Eating


    Cupidity, corruption and conciliation are the themes of the three plays in this collection from one of South Africa’s leading writes. The Mother of all Eating, a one-hander, with its central character a corrupt Lesotho official, is a grinding satire on materialism in which the protagonist gets his come-uppance.You Fool, How Can the Sky Fall? is an unbridled study in grotesquerie, reflecting a belief, traceable throughout Mda’s work, that government by those who inherit a revolution is almost inevitably, in the first decade or two, hijacked by the smart operators.

  • Headrests of Southern Africa: The Architecture of Sleep


    Headrests from Southern Africa – The architecture of sleep presents the subject of southern African headrests in a fascinating new light. The book, richly illustrated – often with in situ photographs, offers unique historical and personal information collected from many of the original owners and carvers of the headrests. So, for the first time African headrests are brought to life with detailed information and the stories of their creation, ownership, use and significance.

  • Hinterland


    Cecil John Rhodes and Sol Plaatje never met .  Rhodes were holed up in Kimberley during the siege, Plaatje were in Mafikeng. … Other than that little detail,  most of what follows is true.’

  • Karoo Keepsakes Series I-II (Signed)


    Karoo Keepakes is a traveller’s companion to the Heartland of South Africa: the Karoo. It details the faces and places and heritage legends of this ancient dry land. ‘Keepsakes’ has been favourably reviewed by South African and offshore media, including National Geographic Online

  • Karoo Roads Series I-III


    Karoo Roads  is a collector’s treasure box of trips and tales gathered from more than a decade of research and rubber-on-the-road experiences, penned and photographed by two award-winning travel writers, Chris Marais and Julienne du Toit, who will introduce you to some of the loveliest, toughest, most creative and downright crazy characters, critters and cultures thriving in the Dry Country.

  • Kudu


    The year is 2030. The drama centres on the encounter between the amaXhosa and the Khoi/Coloured descendants, which takes place at Intaba KaNdoda, a poverty-stricken community once ruled by the Khoi chief Ndoda.

  • Mary and the conqueror

    An imaginary encounter between historical novelist Mary Renault and her hero Alexander the Great, each of them with the same sex life partner , Julie Mullard and Hephais-tion.  Renault and Mullard lived in seaside suburb of Camps Bay in Cape Town.

  • Mooi Street and Other Moves


    This collection of six plays by South Africa’s leading playwright and actor features works written between 1984 and 1993. The works included are Under the Oaks, Over the Hill, Boo to the Moon, Smallholding, Mooi Street Moves (Vita Playwright of the Year) and The Return of Elvis du Pisanie (winner of the 1992/93 IGI Life Vita Award).

  • Mountains And Hills to Overcome


    Paballo Makhetha’s book titled “Mountains and Hills to overcome” attempts to address social ills that have infiltrated communities; which, when not properly dealt with often affect and lead capable young people to sanitariums, jails, and even suicidal ends. She believes that the future is in the hands of the youth, who constitute over 40% of the total African population. The future can therefore not be left in the hands of wounded souls, who continue to experience or witness many kinds of abuse and trauma in their immediate environments. There exists a need to create platforms to talk about these challenges in the homes, classrooms and work places; to embrace them as part of our history, learn from them, and recreate a better future. She wishes that the book can be prescribed at middle to high schools to allow the youth to confront prevalent social challenges head-on, and make better decisions about their own future, and the future of their respective countries as prospective builders.

  • My Life and Valley Song


    My Life is based on the diaries of five South African girls who were growing into womanhood in 1994. The perspective of each young woman on her country and her people is conveyed with a mixture of naivety, exuberance, warmth and humour. A small Karoo town provides the setting for Valley Song, which explores the theme of youth in search of itself, and provides a lyrical metaphor for the new South Africa in which it was set, and has been termed one of Fugard’s most endearing plays.

  • Nature Now: Trees of Kruger


    Part of the NATURE NOW series, this compact ID guide is jampacked with images of trees – an informative safari companion for all who want to make the most of their visit to Kruger.

  • Newspapers


    The media as the medium. The medium is the message. These two propositions—the second from Marshall McLuhan—define the principal axes on which South African artist Siemon Allen (born 1971, Durban, South Africa) articulates his archivally-driven yet self-reflexive practice.